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Do not let them Guess ! ( Game )


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1- Saltyie ( 1 )

G=1 / F=0

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Hello everyone , how are you?

I was thinking about creating a new game/activity and i came up with this idea. I know there are many " Guess the game " games in all the forum allready but this one is supposed to be different ( atleast i did not find this anywhere ). I have seen topics where u must guess the game based in the game's picture or the trophy ( really good ideas) but this one will be a little bit harder and the rules will be different :D!

::::: OBJECTIVE :::::

In this game u are supposed to !=AVOID=! other people from guessing the game by giving the hardest clues you could think of but not too away from the game's main subject.

::::::: Main Rules :::::::

When making a post you must include :


Picture of something that reminds you the game ( Not from the game itself or edited so people cant notice it so easily).

2) Choose only one or all the three of them (never two)

A) One word of the 3 that u come up with when you first think about the game. ( Do not use character's name )


B ) A sentence of a valuable lesson the game teached you or that makes it an example of it.


C) Describing the background scene where it takes place with a few details.

Example :

If the game is "Remember Me"

1- ( Inserting the picture )


2 ) (Giving the other clue )

A) Memory


B ) Leave the past where it is ( Came up with this randomly).


C) Future where people live controled by their own minds.

::::::: Guessing Rules ::::::::

- You can try to guess any post you want if u think the answer hasn't been correcly answered.

-You can only try to guess one for each post you make

-Only make a new post once other person has tried to guess other picture.

-Please quote the post you are trying to guess.

::::: Points and Actions :::::

Points :

- Each game you guess gives you (1) point!

- When 3 persons fail to guess your game you can close your post ( edit it and write " CLOSED" in the end of it) and gain (3) points or let it open and gain more points or risk to loose all of them. Max = 10 points


Actions :

Code Green :

Sacrifice 1 point and eliminate 3 from someone in the Leaderboard. ( people must fail to guess your game 1 time )

Code Yellow : if people failed to guess 2 games you can eliminate 4 points from someone without any sacrifice.

Code Red : People have failed to guess 6 games of yours. Loosers eh? Take 5 points from someone and add them to yours.

Code White : Feeling generous ? You guessed 3 games and now you must donate 2 points to someone in the leaderboards and you get only one.

Code Black : You hate that player don't you? Sacrifice 80 points and take someone's points to 0. ( Fatality )

Code Gold : What are you willing to sacrifice for love ? You have guessed 5 games and people have failed to guess your game atleast 3 times. You can now team up with someone by sacrificing all your points and make it all double (: .

The number of guesses will be displayed in the leaderboard by G= and the number people failed your game by F=.

Have fun everyone (:3!

I'll start ^_^

Main clue :


Sec Clue :


Answered by Saltyie

Edited by BUwUNY
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I don't know if you can move a thread once it's made, but this should be in the 'forum game's section.

OT though, is it Heavy Rain? :)


I guess I'll go just in case :S


Picture Clue



Word Clue: Augment

That is right! :)

Well i didnt know where to post it tbh x.x still don't. If it brings problems i will re-post


Second :

Angels get sacrificed to revive their great leader.

And dw guys. Always post yours even u not knowing if it is correct or not :D

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