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Best Childhood memory?


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There need to be a thread of this, it just feel so obvious to me, but I can't seem to find it.. So i'm so, so, sorry if there actually is a thread.

One of the best memories is Gran Turismo, that was the first game I ever played, and it was freaking awesome even if I didn't understand shit. 
Well when I grew up, and my dad had bought the Playstation 2, and Gran Turismo 3 around maybe year 2003? I started understanding the game, and well, he noticed. Because he would tell me to play the race for him. I did it, without thinking it was 300 Laps long on an circle circuit, with the car that I still today call the ''Red fast car with big wing'' :D
However. Without a doubt. Spyro the Dragon is my childhood. Like it is my Childhoos, I still today play the classics on my Ps2, the same one I grew up with. I got it on my Ps3 also. I don't know how many times I've played this masterpiece. 

ofcourse I've had childhood memories that isn't about games.I remember falling down the stairs lol. 
I kind of miss being a kid, mainly because when I got sick at late night, I could stay up and see Monsters Inc haha, that was the shit, no doubt :P
Not the same feeling if I start to puke 3 Am now adays 'Oh I wonder, should I watch Monsters Inc until I fell asleep'

Lol this thread became more 'Best childhood game' but that's not what I intended, so tell me some stories :)

The reason I made this topic is because I was recently at 'Job Practice' kind of, at Gamestop. And while there I noticed how many Parents bought Call of Duty, SouthPark Stick of Truth, Battlefield instead of Rayman, Littlebigplanet, or Lego Games. Wich pisses me off. 

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Between the ages that I was 4 and 7, my dad was in the Army and stationed in Heidelberg, West Germany; we of course went with him. This was in the middle 80s when the US was bombing Libya and Reagan decided he was going to take a confrontational approach to the Soviet Union, outspend them, and talk them to death. At the end of his tour there, he decided he didn't want to get posted in South Korea without family, so he got out and we returned to the States for the first time in 3 years. My dad flew to Georgia to get processed out, my mother and I flew to Los Angeles so we could then head to Oxnard in Ventura County to live with my dad's mother until we could get our own house. It was a long flight, it was late, and we were both tired. We'd just stepped out of baggage claim and Customs to get a cab to the bus station back to Oxnard, when we heard someone say, "Heeeeeeeeyyyyyy!" Right there lined up on the sidewalk was our entire family. And when I say "entire", I mean everyone from my dad's and mother's side. Great grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, even people that had been friends of the family for so long that they were as good as blood. Only until I was much older did I come to realize that not all these people got along with each other, especially between parts of my mother's and dad's side. There were even "factions" inside sides of the families that were at each others throats. People that had long ago acrimoniously divorced and hadn't talked to each other in years. But all these people had put aside their differences for one evening, put together a plan, and all managed to make it to LAX through Los Angeles traffic to be there on time just so my mother and I could get off a 15 hour plane flight after 3 years in West Germany and be welcomed home by some friendly faces. 

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Gaming-wise: Seeing Bitorez Mendez's boss fight for the first time. I was so scared i had a nightmare the same night, it was terrifying and i wasn't even the one playing nor did i know english at the time. To this day i still feel that "ugh" whenever i see his transformation cutscene.


Life-wise: When i told a girl in school about my suicidal stuff and she was petrified, i wonder if she still thinks about me... probably not. She hugged me almost everyday, it was very lesbian-ish. Except she wasn't gay. I think...

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In my early years before I attended school, I enjoyed my Nintendo Entertainment System. I had one of those custom 1000 in 1 carts which had a big library of compiled NES roms. I remember the startup screen was a list of all the games in letter category and I had no idea how to read so I would memorise where my favourite games were. I spent many days checking each one to see what exciting new game lay in store for me.

After having a NES and a SNES, I recieved a Sony PlayStation on my 6th birthday, and it was amazing. The original PlayStation had so many of my favourite games I still enjoy today.


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A 3 week trip to Europe when I was 9 years old. There was me, my mom and a few other relatives. We had a blue, old bus that kind of reminded tour buses that bands have with which we drove to everywhere. The bus had a kitchen and beds etc. But yeah, it wasn't modern lol and it attracted so much attention everywhere haha. Anyway, we left from Finland and went to Stockholm with a cruise ship. We drove to Gothenburg to see some our relatives that lived there and then went to Malmö from which we took another cruise ship to Rostock, Germany. And from Rostock we drove to Berlin, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.


It was an incredible experience and definitely an eye-opener. It's a shame though that I saw so much that I have also forgotten a lot. I should definitely visit all these places again. 

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