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There's no harm in setting up a petition, but the chances of it actually influencing anything is very slim. Games don't get localised for many reasons, such as licensing, or costs of translating outweigh the potential revenue, or the company just doesn't think the demand is high enough to merit even thinking about it in the first place. Take SEGA for example, there's a lot of folk wanting Yakuza 5 and the HD collection of 1 & 2 to be localised, but the sales of 3, 4 & Dead Souls were low enough for SEGA to be convinced that it wouldn't be financially viable to release any more titles outside of Japan.

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Is there any way I could petition Sony to release content that's only available on the PlayStation Store in Japan in the U.S. as well?


If they could release it and it would be beneficial then they would have. Obviously there are complications and as people have stated - a petition probably wouldnt impact anything.

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