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Far Cry 4 Review


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NOTE: I played the PS4 version so I don't know anything about the PS3 one.

Story: Far Cry 4 is about Ajay Ghale, we don't really know much about who he is, but we know he traveled to the Himalayas to spread his dead moms ashes.

The game opens up on an buss and after an turn of events your in the hands of the villain, Pagan Min. After an moment of talk with Pagan, who seems to know who you are. You sneak your way out of the building. On your way out an rebel organization called 'The Golden Path' comes for your rescue. And you soon realise that you're in an Civil War.

Characters: The characters in Far Cry has to be reviewed, because in Far Cry 3 the characters was SO GOOD. Vaas who we all know and love, could Far Cry 4 come close to have that good of an villain. Well no, i'm afraid not. BUT they're absolutely not bad at all.

Ajay Ghale: Ajay is the main character in this game. I have to say, he's pretty boring and generic. I mean Jason (FC3 main character) fought for something, and when we started the game, he didn't know anything. He was afraid. But Ajay on the other hand, is an gun master from the get a go, he isn't afraid, he doesn't ask questions, he just follows orders. Crazy orders for that matter.. We don't get much info on him either. If we say it like this, I got more info on his Dad than i got on Ajay. And his Dad is dead and they don't speak alot of him. So Ajay, pretty boring sadly..

Pagan Min: The main villain, the king of Kyrat. I LOVED Pagan Min. But i'm sad to say. He only has about 10 minutes of screen time, wich sucks. Pagan is not better than Vaas, but he is 10 times better than Hoyt (The main villain of FC3) Pagan is so cool, always has fun thing to say. And from the moment I met him, I liked him. Great villain, but he needs more screen time. Also, Troy Baker needs to be an villain more often.

He calls you sometime and always say some fun stuff, and he has an 'Journal' with info on animals and characters. Every description is great and I found myself laughing at some parts he wrote.

Amita: Amita is, I guess one of the leaders in the Golden Path. She and Sabal is the two leaders of the Golden Path. Amita is okay. She wants to save Kyrat, and she does what she finds the best. Like destroying an monument. I found Amita to be kind of.. Mean. When she put you on these super hard things, she often just said after 'Thanks, you can take a break for a while.. But not to long, we have stuff to do' She treated you like you were an object. But she did it for her country.

Sabal: I liked Sabal, he is kind, and he just wants the best for everyone. Sabal is one of the better characters in this game in my opinion. You sort of made a bond with him! He saved you, he's task was more save the monument or save the people instead of blow shit up so we can get Kyrat.

The other Villains: They pretty much sucked IMO. The only one you got to know was Noore, and she was just 'okay'.. It felt like they were there to drag the story out, To get more missions only. You only saw them once or twice and you didn't know much about them. Especially Yuma. She was just there, I don't know anything about her!

There are other characters to, like Yogi and Reggie, they were alot of fun and original too.

Longinus, yeah he was also an original and fun character! There is another character in this game that is in Far Cry 3 also. But he was such an let down in this game :( And no it's not Hurk.

It felt like that character was there only as an easter egg to FC3 and also to fill out the story a bit. His name, is Willis. You know, the CIA agent?

Story Missions: I have to talk about this very shortly. The beggining is excatly like FC3. An trip to a new country, get captured, escape, wake up in and random village, meet an guy who is nice to you, and so on and so fort. That was an major dissapointment for me.

Side Missions: I like side missions in FC. I liked the assassin side missions, wich you had to sneak and kill all the enemies without being spotted. That was great, I enjoy sneaking with my bow and arrow! The Fashion Week side missions were also fun, hunt rare animals for their skin. Far Cry has alot of Side Missions and stuff to do, so you won't be tired of the game after the story, because it has an great 'library' of side missions.

Gameplay: Far Cry 4 is an Open World First Person Shooter. And oh boy is it fun. I think, IMO, that Far Cry 4, has the best shooter mechanics around. It feels so nice when you aim down the sights and start shooting. Or when you release that arrow. Or when you're just spraying down enemies with your LMG!

You basically run around, or drive, or even fly with the gyrocopter (Wich is awesome) and shoot stuff, animals or humans, dont care you shoot everything. And the fun part of Far Cry's gameplay is that everyones game is uniqe. In my story I had an mortar and shot down an entire camp, and it just flew bodies all around.

And I was hunting a little Pig, and when I was ready to shoot it with my arrow I heard someone scream ''EAGLEEEEE'' and I just saw it pick up my pig and flew away.

And honey badgers, so dangerous, don't underestimate them, okay?

The gameplay of FC4 is one of the most enjoyable around!

Elephants: You can ride elephants. Do I need to say more?

Open World: As I mentioned, FC4 is open world. A problem I often have with open worlds is how living it is. For an example, Sleeping Dogs wich is an game I love, its biggest downfall is that the humans is pretty bland, and there are no animals. But in FC4, every human is doing something. In an town called Shantra I belive, there are two doods that fights with eachother to fight in the arena. And some people dances and you can even hear people having conversations. But the best part is the animals. Every animal is dangerous in this game. Okay not everyone, but it feels so alive. Every place has an uniqe animal, and they act so good. It's like you live in an real world. I don't know how to explain it but the animals, they're great! It's even an upgrade from the FC3 animals!!

And some of you might wonder about the Size of the world. I think it's as big as FC3, but it feels alot bigger in my opinion, and more alive too. My only problem is that sometime there are huge mountains wich you can't climb, so you have to go around wich takes forever..

Visual: 1080P and 30FPS. The 30FPS works, I don't care about the FPS that much, but for those who care, it still runs awesome, I actually haven't have a single dip in frame rate.

And oh, wow, the visuals. Wow. They're beautiful. One of the best on the next gen. The hair looked so real sometimes. The nature looked freaking awesome and natural, the water is one of the best waters around. It's just such an beautiful game!!!

And the audio is great. Enemies screaming, shot sounds, elephants and animals in general. It's so good. And there is alot of audio to so you won't hear the same stuff over and over again. Except maybe EAAAGLEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Multiplayer: This game doesn't need multiplayer because it's such a good game anyways. But well. It has one anyway. The multiplayer isn't bad. But it isn't good. The servers are pretty unstable, I had problems staying in an whole game without disconnecting (And no, it isn't my own internet) The multiplayer has 3 Game modes, and my favorite was Demon Mask because it was the only game mode I was good at lol! But it's not to many people playing the multiplayer either (Wich is understandable) so it's hard to find a game. But the MP isn't bad. But it isn't good either

Trophy Review: I'm wondering in writing an Guide, but im afraid my English is to bad, so I don't know if I dare to write one haha. But the trophies is super easy. Look at my platinums, no ultra rare, and I could finish FC4 in 3 days. The trophies is like 3/10. It took me 21 Hours in the single player, and some of that was because I rode to much on an elephant, playing around in this fun world, and also eating food. I also spent maybe 2 hours in CO-OP and 2 in Multiplayer.

The only parts wich can be hard with these trophies is finding matches to join in MP without disconnecting!

Bugs and Glitches: This game has bugs and glitches but not game breaking or anyhting. They are more funny.when you go into an tree with your wingsuit some times the camera does like 16 spins and it looks hilarious. But as I said, no glitch or bug is game breaking. I had one that was SO annying though. The machine gun I used before the last moment in the game glitched into the cutscene, so I hade an big Machine Gun in the way of the cutscene. And I did have tree hands also, because my rifle was on my right hand and he took up his moms ashes with another right hand. Wut? I have it recorded if you want to see it

Final Verdict: My final verdict is 9.5/10

Far Cry 4 is one of the best games on the PS4, it's one of my top 3 at least, up there with Infamous and Resogun. Far Cry 4 has the best open world around. It has a big 'library' of guns, and they're all uniqe and fun. I enjoyed this game a bunch it was great.

The biggest downfall for me was that it was so short, and that the characters was pretty boring. But this game is Far Cry 3 + it fixes everything that was 'wrong' with FC3. No more annoying quick time events to take out bosses *Thank god*

But I do recommend EVERYONE, to buy this super awesome game.

This review maybe isn't really detailed, but I just wanted to put my opinion out there. If you have any questions, ask. Because I can answer them.. I think :P

Thank you for reading my review, I hope I gave you a little info on this game.

Bye Bye everybody, and I hope you don't get killed by the nasty Honey Badgers! :D

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Nice review :-)

I only got my playstation 4 earlier this week as a console only bundle and after looking at all the games that were in stock at the time I picked this game as my very first ps4 experience. After enjoying FC3 on ps3. Although I've only scratched the surface with this game I'm loving it so far.

Not come across any honey badgers yet though :-o

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Nice review, I'm thinking of picking this up as soon as the price drops a little.

Thanks! Do it, you won't regret it! :)


Nice review :-)

I only got my playstation 4 earlier this week as a console only bundle and after looking at all the games that were in stock at the time I picked this game as my very first ps4 experience. After enjoying FC3 on ps3. Although I've only scratched the surface with this game I'm loving it so far.

Not come across any honey badgers yet though :-o


Good choice, it's an great game! :)

Haha the Honey Badgers is awesome, they are more dangerous than you can think!

One side-mission wants to you to kill Gulu, an rare type of Honey Badger, if you accept, you have to go past like 6 warning menues like 'Are you crazy?' 'You will regret this' it's pretty funny! :D

And when you arrive there is just thousands of bodies and an honey badger guarding them :P

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honey badgers are nastly little buggers but the most OP animal in the game is the damn eagle.

i remember in the beginning laughing at all the NPCs loosing their shit screaming that famous EAAAAGLLEEE phrase until i got attacked by one,

damn thing killed me a couple of times by attacking me while i was in a firefight takes 1,5 bars of health.

anyway great, great game i personally love Pagan Min he's on par with Vaas for me.

everyone should give it a try and MP is nothing to compete with dedicated MP FPS games like BF or COD but it can still be lots of fun

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Nice review, I haven't beaten it yet but I have played quite a lot of the multiplayer and really think they could improve it with some sort of ranking system. I don't mind that it's similar to FC3 because I loved FC3 and I love Kyrat even more than the island in FC3. Although the multiplayer in FC3 was more generic, I still prefer it. I just don't think 10 players is enough considering the maps are so open and big. From what I've played of the story though, I'm enjoying it even more than FC3.

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I don't know. 


I took the leap into buying it and I expected it to be outrageously awesome but I found that it's not worse but the same as farcry 3. It's basically like playing farcry 3 but in a new environment. Other than that and the annoying radio station it is fairly enjoyable but most sequels to games will make it better and much different. It feels like I bought a giant DLC.

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