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Hello PSNProfiles :)


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Hello everyone! My name is Anthony and it's nice to meet all of you.


I'm semi-new to PS3 (I know I'm a little late to the party) but I've been playing PS2 for years and years and recently just decided to upgrade because of how cheap PS3's have become over the past year. A byproduct of being a budget gamer but hey better late than never I guess :P


I love all kinds of games but I generally play mostly racing, fighting and action adventure type of stuff


Some of my current favorite games:

-MX vs ATV: Reflex


-Need For Speed: Shift

-Grand Theft Auto V

-Sleeping Dogs

-Ultra Street Fighter 4

-God of War III



I'm also very big on music, I'll give anything a listen at least once, but I generally llisten to mainly 80's Hardcore Punk and Metal (Of all kinds)


Some of my current favorite bands:

-The Misfits




-Bad Brains

-Youth Brigade




Cheers everyone and Happy New Year :D

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