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Maniac Chain help!

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I've been trying this for 3 straight days & no luck getting past 60 hits.  I should have try this before ending phase 2, because i have no access to Delta so idk if he has a extra 1skill on him, which buying the same cathode won't work. The chain always runs dry even when mashing the right buttons or it becomes enemies turn like wtf.

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Don't plan on having this before late in Phase 3 unless you're lucky. 


Eventually there will be grindy areas with 50+ waves which makes it a little bit easier.  You can also try to bump up the difficulty level.  I'm attempting this tonight and will report back once I acheive it.

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I just got the trophy after trying for 15 minutes with Delta and Cass. You are not going to be a le to get it until right before the game ends.

After the scene with the 7 in phase 3 the Hymmnesphere and the Center of Ra Ciela will spawn 50 wave enemies.

At this point go ahead and put the difficulty on Hard or higher so it will be harder to Burst the enemies. Fight your way up to level 4 and wait until a boss wave appears. Then let it all fly. If you need to activate a friend skill at the end to push it over 100 be sure to do so.

Delta or Earthes need all 3 +1 skill cathrodes equipped to the Circle Button skill. These cathodes are: Seven Spice Device (Tattoria), Colonia Cathode (Sarly), and the Heavenly Bird Dance (Nay).

Some of these cathodes are unobtainable until the end part of phase 3. This means you will not obtain this trophy before the scene with the 7.

Good luck.

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I got it about mid-way in the second phase, on the Imperial Highway using Earthes and Ion.


I noticed that there was a 9-group wave about mid-point of the wave sequence, and figured I could probably get it that way, so I set up the following:


First, I changed the difficulty to Veteran, then I attached a cathode with +1 skill to the Circle function.  I worked my way using everything but my Friend Attack to kill the waves.  When I got to the 9-group, I hit Circle then Triangle, then Circle/Triangle a second time, got about 70+ hits with those two attacks.  I think I used Triangle once, then summoned Tattorie, who does 4-5 hits per enemy. 


I've seen a few waves further on that have 7- or 8-group waves in phase 3 that you can do the same strategy with.  I easily clocked over 130+ hits doing this, so might want to add 2 cathodes that have a +1 skill to make up the difference if you want.

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