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Is the Online dead?


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Mostly wondering if the servers (or netcode) makes it so only DOA5 Vs. DOA5 or DOA5U Vs. DOA5U.    

Can it match up DOA5 Vs. DOA5U ?

I'm assuming the online for the "1st Gen" game is near dead, where as the FREE Core and Ultimate (not Free) are populated. 


Man, what a ridiculous trophy, "Play 1000 Online Matches" geez.

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Unfortunately, each game is separate. With the exception of DOA5 and DOA5+. Those two games are cross play. So, if you have a Vita, you can self boost the 1000 matches. Your Vita will just have to have a different account linked to it than the one on your PS3. But otherwise, you'll have to find someone with the vanilla DOA5 to grind it out with you.

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Yeah, online is completely dead for DOA5 and 5+.  Have had a lobby up for the past 20 minutes while finishing an episode of House of Cards and no one.  All settings are to accept anyone and everyone so I'll need to boost these trophies it looks like.

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The 1000 trophies just boost it, just because your gonna have trouble finding people, ALOT of trouble.


The 50 throwdowns I miraculously did them, by afking in training for HOURS, I spent over 12 hours a day sitting in training playing other games, hoping to get throwdowns, sometimes 2-3 hours not a single one. On DoA5U and LR there isn't this issue

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Are you kidding me , stop talking and join the lobby's yesterday LR had 12 servers almost full, but all rooms was USA and BRAZIL. Come join we need EU rooms to.



1.000 wins big deal , you need 3.000 for the title in-game done that back in 2013 xD

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As someone who got all DOA5 online trophies in 2023, I asure you online is not dead. But it's definitely in critical condition.

Ironic that people call DOA5 "vanilla" when in reality it is the hardest iteration to plat.

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