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Hey Everyone!


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Hi everyone,

Thought I'd introduce myself to all the wonderful people on these forums! I just graduated from college in the US and I'm enjoying my last summer before starting work.

In terms of games I like, my favorite types of games are RPGs and platformers - I've got a humongous backlog to work through, which means I'm usually behind on recent releases (still playing LBP1 for example) but I'm always happy to help out people who like me, are a little behind the current game trends :) .

Looking forward to meeting all of you and see you on PSN!

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Welcome! I too have a backlog of games, haha. I normally GameFly so I don't get on the new releases right away either. I actually just canceled my GameFly account so I can work on my backlog of games. 1st up is [Prototype] I forgot how cool that game was.

Anywho, welcome to the site and thanks for the introduction.

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Outland would be, as we say, a relatively new game ;). It's on my list!

Backlog for now is:



Resonance of Fate




Deathspank (+ToV)

That should be enough for the foreseeable future! You have any other recommendations for me?

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