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Trophies not popping


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Hi guys, I'm having issues with the Vita version of this game and I wondered whether anyone else has experienced similar difficulties?


Although I'm confident that I've met the criterion for a few different trophies in this game, non of them have popped when they should have done. 


Initially I had played up to, and including, level 40 - perfecting each level as I went along. Not only should I have earned Gold Digger Enthusiast, but after looking at my in game stats, I should also received Smasher (I had crushed 22 Ratoids).


In light of this, I then deleted the game, reinstalled it and then tried to quickly get Designer, but still nothing.


As I say, has anyone else had a similar problem? Could this be Vita specific?


Thanks in advance!


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Hey guys, barely twenty minutes after posting this thread I came across a temporary fix. Having experienced a similar issue on other Vita games, I simply held down the PS button before launching the game and then from here I disabled Wi-fi. After doing this, I managed to get Designer without any issues.


Although it's a pain to be forced offline in order to play, this should work for others who are experiencing what I believe to be a Vita specific issue. 


Hope this helps!

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hate to post in a year old thread but I'm having issues with getting all the shards. I have 201 out of 202 but all levels are showing perfect :/


Whelp, went through the game again with a calculator calculating each shard I get on each level to make sure it matches what I had in game and this time got it. 

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