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A seemingly infinite trophy list


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So as I checked by trophy list today on PS4 I noticed that driveclub was no longer at 100% for me. After some research I found out the 2 new dlc's (included in the season pass) are dropping on the 28th. This, as mentioned on the driveclub page, is the last official release for the season pass. However, they mention that there will be more tour packs and additions to the game after the season pass. I would reckon that it is likely these new tour packs have trophies accompanying them. 


When do you think we will see the end to this merciless trophy list? Or do you think PlayStation will eventually cut off Evolution Studios from adding trophies. I for one am not excited for the seemingly endless amount of tour packs awaiting us in the future.

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Well my theory is these are the last two and the reason we are getting them is because they provided the first two tour packs free to make up for all the problems. So this would be completing their full amount promised for the season pass. Although there could be another Season pass after this one or maybe more just keeps coming. Either way it would be nice if the trophies stopped coming, has somewhat been enough of this game, I have others to play. 

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