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Trophy showcase of MrTONyboii!


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A warm welcome to you

                Hi and welcome to my trophy showcase!

There ain't much here right now, but I have just started hunting and with two games at a time being played for 100% and hopefully the platinum trophy - the list should grow quickly. I do NOT play games just for the easy trophies. If they are easy that's just a bonus, but I only play games I really want to play (except Peggle 2 which my daughter installed on my main account by mistake).


I also collect the games I play. I won't trade them or sell them after I'm finished.


I will try to make this page prettier and I will fill all info where they belong. I just had to put something up here.


Thanks guys!




Currently playing

                Will be playing one on PS3 and one on PS4.

redriver.jpg peggle2.jpg




What does it mean?

                I will explain how my rating system works and the colorcodes.

I will have a rating system both on Enjoyment and how difficult the games were for me to platinum. You might disagree with me; but this is purely based on my thoughts.
Enjoyment rating 1 - 5: 
1 - Was it really worth it just for the platinum?
2 - It wasn't good, but I didn't suffer.
3 - The game was ok.
4 - I had alot of fun playing the game.
5 - Wow.. just amazing!
Difficulty rating 1 - 5: 
1 - Easy platinum.
2 - Easy, it just takes time.
3 - Neither easy or hard, really.
4 - Really had to work for this one.
5 - Insane! How did I manage to get this one?


Color codes for the game titles:
Playstation 3 is red.
Playstation 4 is blue.





                This is what it's all about! My precious platinum trophies!



#001: inFAMOUS First Light™

                Noble Achievement: Collect all Trophies

infamousfirstlight.jpg infamousfirstlighttrophy.jpg

EARNED: 11.10.2015 - ENJOYMENT: 5/5 - DIFFICULTY: 2/5



#002: The Order: 1886

                The Grail: Collect all Trophies

theorder1886.jpg theorder1886trophy.jpg

EARNED: 12.10.2015 - ENJOYMENT: 5/5 - DIFFICULTY: 1/5




                HEAVY RAIN™ Master: Unlock all trophies

heavyrain.jpg heavyraintrophy.jpg

EARNED: 19.10.2015 - ENJOYMENT: 5/5 - DIFFICULTY: 2/5

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