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What should my 30th plat be?


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Today I got my 29th platinum trophy from Tales from the Borderlands. Basically as the title suggests, I want some suggestions (from games I own) as to what my 30th platinum trophy should be. I want it to be something really epic. As much as TellTale games are awesome, most of the time the trophy lists are basically just playing the game. But not something so difficult like a sports game. Thanks in advance for all the suggestions!

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Go with a game that is significant to you, and one that you really enjoy.


Judging by your profile you have the plats for Sly 1, 2 and 3, so maybe Thieves in Time as number 30? You also have all Infamous plats except for the first one, so maybe that instead? Or, as previously mentioned you could go for Arkham Knight

Hotline Miamis platinum is called "Trophy Addict", which is kind of cool as a milestone (If you do indeed consider yourself an addict)


I personally went with NFS Undercover as it was my first PS3 game, so it was kind of a special one :)

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Go for Super Time Force Ultra, man.
I've done 70% of the trophies in a few hours, and for all the others you can easily use guides to help you!
Plus, it's an ultra rare platinum. It's always nice to have one of those on your milestones!  B)

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