Game dont save progress in Qlock ps3

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I got three medals for the first level q lock, and in the second level i got gold medal but the game seem to not saving this progress because i came back in the menu of qlock i have my first time and bronze medal when i try it for the first time. Anybody have this problems to ?

i just see that i problably lost my internet connection during this, i reconnect and its work , so i dont know if its possible to save without internet connection. Problem solve for me

if its the case 100 %impossible  without a non stop playthrough for gamers with no internet connection




Edit : i verify , you not need internet but just make sure to dont hit restart button in qlock too soon, blue autosave logo have to disappear.

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Yes,  Play disconnected from the psn, quit and launch the game before you try the "qlock mode" and the autosave logo will stay on the screen way longer actually saving your score, if this still doesnt work for you keep quitting the game and going back in until it registers a time.

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