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IDFKA trophy is yet glitch after patch 1.03


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When I was browsing other forums about getting this trophy without it glitching there was talk of backing up saves to a USB constantly as well as doing everything in a single run without mission select as well as a couple other little details I can't remember at the moment. They claimed a method like this would guarantee the trophy but it's a lot of effort and I'm not willing to put in another full playthrough yet when I'm not convinced that it will even work. While I wait for more patches so I can get my plat I can continue to chip away at my ever growing backlog.

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The 1.3 Update wasn't a real patch, more like a quick fix for some MP stuff.

It's embarrassing that this game is already 3 weeks out and there's still no sign of a first patch, despite the Day1 patch...


Backing up your saves btw. won't get you anywhere. The glitch occours randomly and there's no way to prevent it

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