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Because they released the PS2 classics version on PS4 with trophies, but the PS3 version is old and they never had the idea of putting trophies on it back then. I hope you didn't just buy it on PS3 to try and get the trophies for it, on this website it has an icon for which console the game has trophies on, which is the PS4 version on the PSN store. 

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The PS3 version is an emulated version of the PS2 game and doesn't have trophy support. The PS4 version is an upscaled version of the PS2 game and does have trophy support.


both versions are emulations but i believe the ps3 versions are also upscaled, seeing as how its stated that they are at either 720p or even 1080p in some cases on the ps store's descriptions, but since i haven't bought a ps3 version before i can't really say for sure.

only difference is that the ps4 versions are all upscaled to 1080p without exception, and they also have trophy/platinum support, and well all the other stuff like remote play, share play, streaming, etc that the ps3 versions didn't have.

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