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Capcom Humble Bundle extra codes

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Hey everyone. Got a few extra game codes from the Capcom Humble Bundle that i don't want to redeem, so here you go. Remember: It's first come, first serve.

Remember Me (PS3): 3F6B-2ANQ-E25M (claimed)

Resident Evil HD (PS4): 3F7Q-EDNM-D5QL (claimed)

45% off Street Fighter V PS Store Coupon (PS4): 2RH4JATGAN


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Got the Resident Evil Code, thank you very much dood

 You JUST got it before me. No joke all I had to do was hit confirm. Oh well, hope you enjoy it :)


I'll leave the other codes for others as I have no use for them.

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 lol thought I was going to be too late, had to sign in and even typed in my password wrong the 1st try dood xD


Lol I had to run downstairs to get my controller (it was charging) and boot my whole system up and everything. 

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I still think these kinds of giveaway are a bit random since you never know who redeems the code and who actually thanks for them...



I don't have Paypal or credits cards.


I'd trade a 20$ PSN card (Canada) against 15$ for this Humble Bundle.

Are you still offering this?

I wouldn't mind buying it for you for that PSN card.

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