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***Helpful Tip/Glitch Boost***


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I tried manipulating the game buy moving the ps4 clock ahead by 1 day to see if I would get a money boost but it didn't work. HOWEVER, I learned that I was able to manipulate the cool-down times for the special supers you unlock on your left hand side.

Doing this worked for only about 3 times then it prevented me from "clicking" anymore thus preventing me from getting the 50,000 click trophy if you're planning to go for trophies AND preventing me from mashing/clicking the unlock specials for 30 sec or whatever. Things got super glitchy after a few tries so I wouldn't advice this.

*****2nd UPDATE*****
After messing around several times adjusting ps4 clock forward 1yr then back 1yr to 2016 game glitch further. I then turned off game application then i turn it back on and it started mashing/clicking away at the monsters NONSTOP instantly getting the 50K CLick trophy and the 10,000 monsters kills trophy AND $$$ boosting. However the unlocked cool-down icons on the left hand side are glitch at 27525 mins for all of them that I got regardless if I adjust ps4 clock or not so I can't use them anymore. Currently uploading a video of the results to youtube.



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Here's video of the automatic glitch boost. In description I forgot to point out that I changed ps4 1yr forward from today then I went back 1yr back to 2016, I then restarted game and this video is the result. You will see monsters killed is in the negative numbers -38xxx etc...Hope this help for those that want to try but again beware of game glitching


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Yeah, it did that for me then I grabbed one of those bee things that fly around, which had a 'lucky strike' in it, and the glitch stopped. However, the timers were still stuck like that, so I was no longer able to use any of the powerups I had already obtained because they were locked out.

The only way to fix that was to Ascend by getting that certain guy up to level 150 - which took ages! Now I've ascended things are back to normal so I'm not going to glitch it this time

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So I'm trying to figure out appropriate steps to farm for money using the date/time clock glitch.  It worked for a while, sometimes, and now it just borks my save file so that it automatically goes back to a "safe point" earlier in my save.


I'm guessing, and I'm sure the devs are reading this, that there's 2 things going on here:


There are 2 save files.  One "active" save that gets updated a lot with the autosaves, and one "backup" save that gets updated once in a while - maybe every 15 minutes, or every 2 times you start the game (?).  I'm not sure how the backup works.


After a while of "glitching" money into your save file, it no longer works and flips a flag in the file so that it always goes back to the backup.  I've tried a bunch of different ways and steps to get the "years worth of money", and none of my techniques work anymore.  They worked before, sometimes, but now that I'm trying to get exact steps to reproduce the glitch, it no longer works.  Either I'm messing something up, or the devs are smart and added a hidden counter that locks your save file after you glitch a certain number of times.

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Hmm.  Reading your other post seems to show a new step - setting the time twice.  Shouldn't be too hard to verify.

Yup, that was the step I was missing.  I was originally setting the time once, saving, quitting, restarting and setting the time a second time to glitch.


Welp, enjoy the glitch for another week or so til the next patch. :)

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OK, so with the new info, and given that this will be patched soon, here's how to do the money glitch.


  • Do the above steps, setting the time twice and getting the click glitch.
  • Then wait for an autosave.
  • Then set the time FORWARD to any year in the future, and wait for another autosave.
  • Quit the game, return, and boom, money in the bank.


This should boost you very quickly to midgame ("midgame" meaning levels 300-500), and powerlevel you through toward the Buy All Heroes trophy (levels 3000+).

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