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Friday the 13: The Game Trophy Thoughts

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The trophies them selves dont seem glitched. from what i have unlocked. The badge system is for sure. I was unlocking trophies for doing X 13 times, but in progression it is marked as 10 times. The heal one also seems to be messed up, when i heal myself it counts as healing a party member. have not done it 100 times so i dont know if that will be an issue with the trophy. 

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On 5/23/2017 at 11:22 PM, NCSFan001 said:

might play it on my second account, oh right I need ps plus for that...


Not sure if anyone said this, but as long as your PS Plus account is set as the primary account on your PS4, you can play other games using a non PS Plus account. That's how I play Overwatch on alternate accounts.



I'm on the fence about getting this tbh.

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