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Mega Man 11 announced for 2018


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The artstyle kinda gives off the feeling that they had a vision for how they wanted the game to look but couldn't quite get there. I disagree with the notion that the transition to the use of 3D models is necessary for the the game to reach any kind of audience in the current age as i fail to see any trend among the sales figures of the genre that would back that up. On the contrary, games such as Shovel Knight and Owlboy have received universal acclaim for the quality of their spritework. 

Sticking to the look of the original games/ the X games or going for a more cartoonish artstyle would have worked best in my opinion.


All that being said i'm quite positive about this game. Capcom games are usually quite polished if anything and i respect that they're calling this Megaman 11 rather than something along the lines of Megaman Resurgence/Revival. The team also has the odd advantage of being able to look at Mighty No. 9 and avoid the mistakes that game made.

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Despite how you feel about it, it appears Mighty No. 9 managed to accomplish something by getting Capcom off their behinds and finally giving fans what we want.

11 minutes ago, pyrotempestwing said:

I am thoroughly surprised at this. I bought both MegaMan Collections. I'm total garbage at them. May have beaten 1 Robot Master in my life. Still, I'd probably get this to "complete" the collection. (Still no Megaman & Bass, though. Not that I could beat that game.)


I love Megaman & Bass and yeah, I would make it all the way up to King and get owned :P

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