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Stuck at 99%


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10 minutes ago, Lord_Ektorus said:

Hello fellow Mad Max admirers, i have a "problem"... despite having beaten and gained all the challenges, all the races and power up my % of completition is stuck at 99%. Do you have any clue?  I got the platinum and all so i don't understand why it's not at 100.

Thank you! 


I remember I had a similar issue a year or two ago when I did it, but I honestly can't remember what i did to get it to work. I did a google search and it looks like there is probably a fix somewhere in there.

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What I'm personally loving is that I don't have the challenge completed for finding 5 relics...despite having 5 relics the counter didnt move past one. The is my second start as in my first game a hideout or whatever didnt count a scrap I'd picked up early in the game. Can't wait to replay again ¬¬

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