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How can you light Svartalfheim Tower and Asgard Tower braziers?


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The lifts are at the top and you can pull the lever to make them go down. You cant turn the tower either.

Havent found another way to the top seems like the lifts are the only way.


Have anyone figured this out yet? Only missing those 2 braziers.

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3 minutes ago, Sergen said:

You can't visit those areas in the game at all. They might be teasing those areas as DLC for the future, but for now you won't be able to access them and they're definitely not required for anything on the game.

Well, you can climb towers for the braziers and they do give you a neat item afterwards.  But the two he's talking about, not too sure, but may have to wait a bit more in the game, the water does drop a bit more for other places to park your boat, so try back then.

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1 minute ago, Quink666 said:

But there is a labour to light all 8 of them =( But i guess youre right it might come later.


Ah, well the areas are inaccessible throughout the whole game and I thought you meant that, apologies if it’s something else hahaha.

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They are not inaccessible. For the Asgard Tower you must dock on the Isle of Death and upon exploration you will find a lift puzzle where you must grind from lift to lift. You will reach the back of the tower and fight a traveler on the other side. For Svartalheim you must dock in the caverns next to it with a large climable area. Just follow it from there and fight another traveler on top. Hope this helps!


Forgot to mention, you must be at the point in the game where the world serpent has lowered the water the second time so it is at its lowest point. That goes for both of these towers.

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