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Need help on the last 3 trophies.


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I've just finished the game. It's got a few missables but most are easy enough to work out.


I'm having trouble with the following 3 if anyone can help.


I need All the Balls, Zombie Chat and True Detective. I know it'll take another playthrough because I've got no saves to go back to but I'd like to get them all done on the next one. Thanks.

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I can help with All The Balls at least.  In Act 1, in the Ruff House, there is a werewolf sitting at the bar.  Talk to him and he'll start talking about how much he loves playing with toy balls.  Go through all of the dialog options you get and the trophy should pop.

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True Detective you need to go through all the good cop and bad cop options as Soul when the garlic dealer is into the cell


Zombie Chat you need to get the guy who wants to set up the concert to have a chat with the garlic dealer (choose "how can I understand you?" when talking to him as Soul) 

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