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A game with just a single owner?


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Who is this guy who's had an entire game made just for himself? After a bit of research I found out the game was cancelled before release and yet this guy managed to get his hands on it. Are there more examples of this on PSNP?

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On 10/5/2018 at 2:58 PM, SunnyCrappyYT said:

I've seen various, yes.  


Could be a reviewer/game tester/dev. Who knows?

He was a QA tester for the studio. Apparently the only one considering he's the only earner (according to global percentages). He doesn't own the game, and has since moved onto QA for Sony. It has only ever been in beta, with a USA titleid, NPUB-30322, and a Japan demo titleid, NPJB-90312.


Only way of ever getting this is somehow getting your hands on the testkit/devkits Bandai was using...but they're likely scrubbed at this point.

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