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Is there any point Enhancing Talismans?

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You can enhance a talisman three times for each level up (refine), but is there any point?

I noticed you can simply refine without the enhancements in between. Does refining to the next level override any enhancements? i.e. is a level 5 talisman without enhancements as powerful as a level 5 talisman with enhancements?

Mostly looking to reduce the grind, but don't want to wind up with worse gear as a result.

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Late to the party, but the talismans are absolutely overpowered for boss fights. Their cooldowns are indeed extreme, but this is the only time you'll need the combat ones, so you'll hardly feel it.


One talisman that might be worth enhancing is the Seductress. This allows you to make more frequent rare items trips in the wasteland, and to get more stuff from those trips.

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