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1 hour ago, ILUV2POOPYAY said:

Is it possible to complete all the types of races for every cell WITHOUT doing any barrel rolls to earn this Gold Trophy on Elite Campaign because I have problems pulling of this maneuver?

You can try but i seriously doubt it because a well timed/executed barrel roll gives you a much needed speed boost

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14 hours ago, ILUV2POOPYAY said:

Is it possible to complete all the types of races for every cell WITHOUT doing any barrel rolls to earn this Gold Trophy on Elite Campaign because I have problems pulling of this maneuver?

You should be able to do all races, yes, but it's unlikely you gonna do all the time trials/fastest laps. What there is of so difficult in pulling it off? Just wiggle the analog stick really agressively back and forth as fast as you can, you should get it started 98% of the times. Then it's all just a matter of having enough height to land it.

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20 hours ago, ILUV2POOPYAY said:

Chenghou Project Track


Also, what control setups do you, Experts, use for the buttons? What parameters do you have for Motion Sensor, Motion Sensitivity, Airbrake Sensitivity, and Acceleration Sensitivity? 

That track is trash, the beginning of it is horrible. I hate it. I highly suggest doing an easy run first before you do Elite. I haven't done that on ps3, but I did the PSV dlcs, which basically is the same experience, apart from fucked up gravity and ship weight. Map knowledge is more important than power ups. You need to know what to do beforehand, If you react to what you see, you are playing wrong.


Disable auto pilot if you have it on and use the Elite glitch to disable agressivity from AI. You can look it up how to do it on pst.org. I think I've used the default controls? X to speed, L2 R2 to airbreak, the usual. I have put every motion thing on minumum after I got the associated trophies, while both sensitivities at max. On higher speeds, you want to be able to turn as fast as possible at all times.

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Wasn't the Elite glitch the split screen thing (so only for Arcade Elite, not Campaign?) 


As for that track, track knowledge is more important than anything (that race on the last league of the Campaign almost drove me mad.. Along with the final championship.. It's also the main reason why I'm not really looking forward to do Omega to complete the series..). 


Anyway when I say track knowledge, I'm mainly talking of racing line and how to effectively use air brakes and side shift (quickly press the same air brake twice, to shift to that side). The track in question is heavily technical and there's no way that you are going to be fast enough without proper air braking and side shifting through the chicanes.. 


As for barrel roll, what Yuri said is a decent way to do it, and on this track there are a few big jumps, so use it on those. 


I don't remember tilt up to barrel roll being used on that track (because it's quite flat, so outside of the big jumps). 


As for the power ups, use them in a racing/defencive way.. In other words, Shields, Auto pilot, and Turbo are to be used (bombs, mines depends), everything else should be mainly absorbed for extra health, unless there's a proper chance to disturb the opponents. 


To win on Elite, you really need to focus on it as if it was a full on racer, not a combat race, it's much faster (and usually it's easier to keep the AI behind you than to catch up to them). 




I also would give the same suggestion Yuri gave you, about leaving this for later, first you really need to learn to use the mechanics of the ship before you can go for the harder Elite wins. 

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35 minutes ago, ILUV2POOPYAY said:

Hey, WipeOut Pros. I have hit a brick wall, and cannot continue to the next Event, Dropzone. I have all Golds for every Cell on Elite AI Difficulty for Event 1 Uplift to Event 5 Head Rush.


I am really stuck on Event 6 Speed Freak, got 8 of 12 Elite AI Gold Cells. My main problems are Time Trials and Single Races.

Here are the races I need Elite Golds on.........

1) Sol 2; Single Race; Rapier

2) Vineta K; Time Trial; Flash

3) Metropia; Single Race; Rapier

4) Sol 2; Time Trial; Rapier

Any helpful tips with these races? What ship should I seriously master now that is great for every type of race?  Remember, I am doing this game legit, not with any glitches at all. No ,Hellfire, Youtube Videos either, that guy is way too advanced of a player for me to match any of his runs. I cannot pull of barrel rolls consistently still, even with the spamming of the R3.


By the way, this game is starting to burn me out. I give props to the players who got the WipeOut HD Platinum WITHOUT using any exploits. 




i thought barrel rolls were L3? I did ECL legit entirely with Feisar. Never needed anything else.

You're going to need barrel rolls for the time trials really. Try doing some Beat Zico attempts using Hellfire's guide. You may not beat Zico, but it will be good barrel roll practice.

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I did ECL (and pretty much everything) with Harimau, but I think it's more of a case of using a ship you're used to and feel comfortable with rather than there being a 'best' ship. I just like how the Harimau handles and looks. And yes, barrel rolls are almost necessary for a lot of things to not be absolutely savage. As mentioned above, keep shield/turbo/autopilot and absorb pretty much everything else, that health is necessary to survive barrelling a bunch and being hit by everything the AI can get their hands on. You will fail a bunch due to shitty RNG regarding enemy ships getting a whole ton of obnoxious powerups at the worst time, so get used to that. Lost at least a few races with the finish line right in sight due to errant missiles.


I actually started backwards when I did the game on Elite, since I cleared it on a lower difficulty first and didn't want to readjust to a slower speed, but that doesn't change much for you. I know Chenghou and Sol 2 were the ones that really messed me up the most, there's some brutal time trials and races involved on those tracks. Sol 2 at least allows you to skip a bunch of the track if you can launch yourself at just the right angle which makes both races and trials easier, but it's not overly easy to pull off. Chenghou on the other hand is all about a tight racing line and not having that one corner fuck you up. You know the one. If you get an autopilot in a race on Chenghou I highly suggest keeping it over anything else just to cheese that shit.

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Right now I'm at the last Event with Feisar "only" a few races away from Platinum.

I just found out, when you put a piece of duct tape on your Up-button (so it's pressed continously) you can controll the ship with the analog stick a bit better, in my opinion.

So, if you are struggling with the races maybe you can give this a try.

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