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Before I start NG+, I want to know something.


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Is it possible to get all the collectibles on one playthrough by using chapter select and THEN starting Survivor+ through the glitch? That's what I want to do. 

Yeah it sure is, thats what i have just done... i missed an artifact and then went back using chapter select and got it and the trophy popped. I just missed 3 shiv doors and on my survival playthrough i'm doing: Jokes, optional convos, hopefully clearing up my shiv doors and finishing up on upgrades for weapons and Joel (Probably a 3rd playthrough on easy if uprades are not done, i wouldn't mind, this game is absolutely amazing) :)

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Just got to the end of Pittsburgh(Escape the City.) Everything that should have carried over did(Joel and weapon upgrades, Training Manuals, etc.) What I don't under stand is the collectible number I'm getting on my NG+ profile. I've gotten all the artifacts(45), Comic books(4), Pendants(13), the 12 Manuals and 5 tools  that carried over up to that point. When I add everything up on paper I get 79 but the number on my profile is 100 O_o.


Does the game also count shiv doors as collectibles? Only ask because I've gotten all of the Shiv doors on my first Survivor PT and 8 of them on my NG+. If it does, it would explain why I have an extra 21 collectibles. 

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DO NOT UPGRADE THE PISTOL!!!!!!!!!   Save it as the last weapon you upgrade.  WHY??  Because if youre like me and have played new game + on survivor and STILL havent upgraded all weapons you can finish that one off pretty fast on a new play through of new game + on easy.

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