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Trophy Thoughts?


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I've never played these games growing up because I was very young at the time. I'am a sucker for older games that release on the PS4 since it's hard to obtain some of these games nowadays. It looks like they'll be releasing a physical copy of the game including expansion packs aswell. Dear Veteran's, how hard do you think it will be to Platinum these games? As a retired Platinum trophy hunter (only Platinum games I enjoy now) how fun are these games and are they worth that $50 on release? 

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To answer the initial question, the most tricky part will be finishing the game on Heart of Fury(triple enemy HP, double damage taken, some special requirements for your party). Game is NOT easy to play (it's a 2000 RPG based on D&D rules, it's not to be treated lightly. Still wondering how it will control on a gamepad). At least that's what I remember from a long time ago when I first played the game and series.




After checking the trophy lists, I think this opinion counts for all of the games released  Baldur's Gate and the following, Planescape Torment and Icewind Dale : Ignore the trophy list at your first playthrough!


It might sound like a stupid and utterly ridiculous advice given that this site's focus is mainly hunting for trophies but for the first playthrough in any of these games, you should disregard the trophy list entirely!!!! Not only you will miss out the entire experience which is the core of the games (again, remember, 2000's gaming, no Witcher 3 graphics where even if you get your story spoiled you still can be amazed by the graphics), the games might even prove harder than you'd expect if you follow a trophy guide or something. After you have finished a playthrough and got a feeling for this game(as messy as it might be, with all the poor decisions, these games are not forgiving at all) you should consider platinuming it/them. You should have a bountiful amount of save slots so you can experiment with that as much as you'd wish.


In terms of fun factor : You mentioned you never played these games because you were too young but if you played RPG's with a similar focus (KotOR , Neverwinter Nights or Dragon Age : Origins - they focus on party customization) and loved them then yes, you WILL love these games and even the platinum will be pretty easy to get. If not...not so much sadly. Same applies for price : If you never played this kind of RPG, better wait for a discount in my opinion.


Of course this is only my honest opinion as a person who used to play this kind of stuff a long time ago :) One thing is for certain : You should have a pen and paper near you for some quick notes xD the game will throw alot of info at you, better write it down old school way.

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