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I just lost 9,428 trophies and 27 levels on my profile

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Soo....  I went to my profile and I only have 11,544 trophies and level 59 when yesterday I had 20,972 trophies and was on level 86 (I can see that right now on my PS3).  The only thing I did from yesterday to today was played an old PS3 game that's on my backlog.  I've seen my profile go blank for a while saying that all my trophies were hidden when they weren't but this is.... so specific and weird.  Any one have any idea or similar experience?



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You may have also just simply updated your profile here when PSN's servers were acting up - If you don't have any hidden trophies, I would just earn a new trophy in any game, sync it to PSN, then update your profile here on the site by typing your name in the box on the site homepage and it should get fixed

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