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Really liked it!


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It is easy to put this game down, it is published by Ratalaika afterall. But this game is certainly not trash, on the contrary. I was actually looking very much forward to this game as it was announced (it’s been out on PC for a while), I think Ratalaika only came into play because the programmer wasn’t comfortable porting the game to consoles him/herself. 

Anyway, this is a simple game, basically you pick dialog options and investigate a few items (which change the dialog options). Based on your answers you get a different story conclusion. There are nine endings and I had fun trying to figure out the different branches. Basically if you like Late Shift, you will like this. It is not  a long game, but it is clearly a (hand-drawn) labor of love for its creator. For once I would have liked hidden trophies as reading the list ruins part of the fun of figuring out what you can do. 

I am sure many will pick this up just for the trophies, but you are really missing out if you just play with a guide and skip, well, the whole game. 

Fun fact: for some reason I thought I was playing a girl, I was convinced somehow that part of my surprise of “what the hell happened here” was that I’d ended up with a girl for once. Didn’t even register in the mirror that I was a dude on my first playthrough ?

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this game is very cool, indeed. The graphics, the story (with all of his twists and doubts about you, her and the past night) and the soundtrack (especially her song) are just amazing.


Yes, many will get this game only for the trophies and it's a shame, because as you say, they will miss a very good game. Looking forward for Memories, the next game of Kinmoku (the developer) and i hope that he make a sequel for this game.

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I played the game slowly over 6 days, and I thought it was a good game overall.  Like with most other things it could be improved on, yet I think it was good value.  I found it thought provoking more than anything, like I was trying to figure out the creators intent for this.  Were they trying to give men a guide on how to properly act in the morning after a 1-night stand?  I'm not sure, I guess I don't really understand sometimes the way this woman took this like emotionally.  I've had a few 1 night stands in my day(I probably had like 2 lol) as I'm sure many have, and I've never had one go that bad (as they did at certain times of the story).


I just couldn't believe in watching this that there is no sleeze, and in fact there is no touchy feely action.  Not trying to be too creep here, but jesus christ who does this?  In the morning if you didn't want to run out and she mutually thinks you're attractive just stay in the bed, cuddle, and go for round 2.  Part of me was like...it never goes like this, and yet I remember days after partying the night before leaving in the morning, yet...I knew those people, and they were repeat offenders, so even if it's "another 1 night stand" it's not dramatic and there is no kicking someone out in the morning.  


I've never been kicked out after a 1 night stand in my life, perhaps this is a culture thing and it occurs more often in other nations and not the US, maybe it's just me, maybe it's Maybelline!

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2 minutes ago, BlackSquirrell1 said:

How nice to hear something good about a Rata game!  I will definitely take a look at this one.

If you want another excellent one, may I recommend Stay (not the cat game.) It's a puzzle/ visual novel that will literally take days to complete, there are multiple endings based on how you treat the main character and how long you abandon him for, and by abandon I mean spend time not playing the game.

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