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2 new dlc trophy sets have shown up


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for the DLC in general in this game, i imagine you need the season pass? i was planning on asking this at some point.


its been so long since i've watched one piece, near the end of 2016 where i finished the doflamingo arc. last month i picked up the ps4 version of unlimited world red, and pretty excited for pirate warriors 4 and this game. but its been so damn long since i've watched the show and due to the length of the show i don't plan on rewatching it lol. basically saying my memory isn't all there, but when i play the ps4 version of unlimited world red i plan on jumping back in where i left off in the show and see if i can feel my way back in from that point.


i really loved the show and the games are very fun, especially the pirate warriors games. but i kinda stopped watching as i was caught up on the show by that point lol. i hate waiting for episodes as i like to marathon so i waited until more was out, but now its been so long where i don't know if its a good idea to just jump right back where i left off with a fading memory having watched many shows and played many games since lol.

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On 19.12.2019 at 8:38 PM, IrishAndrew91 said:

What is the boss battle trophy?

Now you already get this Trophy. Was it hard? And where can i start it?


Edit: It is at the thousand sunny with luffy in chapter 14. It is realy easy, i got 16 kills.


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