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On 12/31/2019 at 9:56 PM, dansomekid said:

I've seen a lot of posts on these forums where people are asking for help with certain trophies. After many hours of grinding dumb ones myself (like We Are the Champions, etc) I found 1 tip that has really helped me speed things up. Instead of grinding these in "single player," grind them in "multiplayer hot swap" instead. Set the games with whatever settings you want, but make it only 2 player, with the "second player" being "human." Basically, you will have full control over everything. As player 1, you do whatever you need for the trophy, and as player 2 (on the same controller) you can set up the player 1 trophies by either searching for stuff with scouts, or setting up settlements in specific areas, etc.


I hope this advice helps! I just started doing it this way and have been unlocking trophies like crazy, don't have to rely on much luck anymore.

That's a really good idea! I got the plat, but I'll have to go back and mop up the DLCs so I hope this will make it more trivial as far as difficulty goes


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