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Gmail doesn’t work on Vita


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8 minutes ago, BlakkVulture2K16 said:

It works for me. But you have to allow less secure browsers for it to work.

It worked since september. 

1 hour ago, DaivRules said:

Yes, I could only get Yahoo mail to work when I used it years ago. 


1 hour ago, timpurnat said:


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I'm having the same issue and I always did that. And today for some reason it just stopped working :/

I received a message and confirmed it was me and enable the less secure device. But still got the same error. I'm gonna try again after some minutes 


Edit: my problem is the internet. At home I can't connect my Gmail on vita, and I always enabled my cellphone internet connection to do this. 

So I tried to connect with my neighbour's internet and it worked ?

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