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Treasure Hunter *READ*


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dont know if you guys have had issues with this trophy popping, on my original run i missed a few collectibles on this level and went back once the game opened up again to allow mission select. if you missed some on your first run DO NOT quit back to campaign or to main menu even though it will save your progress it will not unlock this trophy. you need to collect everything on this level and complete it, so if you missed some the first run through you have to go all the way till the end again.


i was pulling my hairs asking why it wouldn't unlock and the description on the trophy is vague but just remember to complete the mission again and you'll be good to go.


hope this helps

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4 hours ago, FrostyMcNugs said:

That sucks... I guess I can do it on my extra live mode run though. I missed that last toy in that big jump at the end of the level...

if you just replay the mission to completion it’ll pop. As long as you have all the collectibles. It popped for me but not once I picked up the last collectible but once I ran thru the mission again with everything collected

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So annoyed managed to do everything on my first run through the level slayer gates that annoying marauder secret encounter everything except... 


Missed the cyber mancubus toy until the end of the level, used fast travel and went back and the switch is pressed but can't open the gate for the toy. This one toy this annoying little toy going to make me run through the entire level again 


Hate this trophy so much 


Edit: it actually wasn't that bad to go back and get. the encounters and other stuff stays compleletd and when you run though again can do infinite ammo cheat which is really really fun


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On 1/16/2021 at 10:47 AM, Brianthecow said:

will reloading a checkpoint glitch the trophy? i missed the hole jump near the end but i know that reloading the checkpoint puts you before the jump, just not sure if ii will bug the trophy or not

it shouldn't, i reloaded a checkpoint a couple times to finish off the painkiller challenge and still popped the trophy after i finished the level

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Can someone explain to me what happened to this trophy? I recently completed the game, but there were still some collectibles left to pick up. That last toy in Taras Nabad was one of those collectibles and the first time I didn't do the secret confrontations, but I had done the challenges.


When I went to complete this mission in one time, to leave 100% for the trophy, two challenges became unattainable for no reason, the Analgesic and the freezing bomb challenge, and I had already done them on the first move. I use the ice bomb and the challenge just doesn't complete.


I restarted the checkpoint a few times to get the last toy, and in the end I used the quick trip to complete the Slayer gate, even though I had done it the first time, when I went back to the last point of the quick trip the mission marker was close. from the slayer area, instead of being in the Crucible area where the portal appears to end the mission. I had to reset the checkpoint again for the portal to appear and finish the mission.


And I didn't win the trophy because the 2 missions simply cannot be completed, while the only completed mission is the codex. I don't know what to do now, as I went back on the mission and these challenges are still unattainable, but the toy trophy was over, one missing in Nekravol.

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