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Can this game be played with a ps3 controller?

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31 minutes ago, TheIrishBrit said:

As title says, want to see if I can play all the parts in this game with just a ps3 controller, as I imagine the specific drums and guitars would be annoying and inconvenient to buy and have around.


Also, is this platinum available solo or do I need other people?

controller can only be used to activate beatlemania while singing with the microphone, you need to have the instruments to play those parts. Like a million suns requires multiple people as it's impossible to get 1 million points solo. Maintain beatlemania for 60 seconds also requires multiple people. Starting the story mode with a full band can be done solo if you own 2 guitars, otherwise you need other people

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On 4/16/2020 at 4:22 PM, djb5f said:

Rock Band Blitz allowed you to play songs with a normal controller.  Maybe look into that but it may have been pulled from the store?

Yes true, been delisted for some years already unfortunately making this game unobtainable absolutely for new comers, since game is digital only and can't even be bought anywhere. Might be possible to play it using hacked ps3 but not sure. Probably it got delisted since there's other better game called amplitude, similar to blitz.

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