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''Where's My Cape?'' Trophy Glitched?


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So yeah, I dont understand whats up with this trophy but Ive unlocked everythings for all powers and didnt get no trophy, I know that im not the only one that got thst problem... But Ive checked on this site and saw peoples that got it.... how the HEll. Does the order have anything to do with it..? Idk... so what do you peoples have to say?

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If you're lucky, it may also not glitch at all (but based on comments, it more than likely will if the correct method is not used). My brother purchased all available power upgrades before doing the mission that unlocks the last three, then bought those and got the trophy.

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There's definitely not a certain fix yet. I tried what the trophy guide suggested and it still glitched. I looked up whether they were going to patch it or not, but I guess they aren't able to determine the circumstances of the glitch so they can't patch it.

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