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hot garbage dlc

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Here's a game I never thought I'd be coming back to after the platinum. At least this DLC is actual content though  unlike the Old Game Minus stuff. 


edit: just finished off the DLC and got all the trophies. Played it in co-op and managed to do it in just over an hour. It's a decent DLC but rather short, although definitely worth the low price (it was £6.49)

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I may be biased because this is my favourite game this year (even beating doom eternal) it just scratches a weird itch in me. And this DLC is a perfect expansion its a little short and could have used a bit more for upgrades but for just being able to spend a few more hours laughing and exploring it was great

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For all those that want to save some money, if someone you are playing with has this dlc, you can play it with them and unlock the trophies.  ?  I started the game in old game minus with a friend and made a hard save right before the final flight back home.  We were already leveled up and then did the dlc in the same file which I did not have.  Neat little info.

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