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[Video] Platinum Walkthrough (10 minute)


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On 23/08/2020 at 2:20 PM, MyNameIs_Rainman said:

I wouldn't mind an easy Ratalaika plat here and there...but a 10 minute plat for the price of the game is really the issue for me. 14.99 is a bit too steep to justify that (on sale at the moment for 11.99 but still)

It’s a 10 minute platinum if your only intention is to buy the game and abuse the mechanics to get it quickly without having to even play the game. However, if you actually play the game normally then it’ll take about 5-7 hours. 

I know this is a trophy-based website, but the mindset of some people is very silly. People genuinely only think about buying games to grab a virtual trophy that does nothing, rather than buying games to play and have fun with. 

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