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Coming back after Hiatus


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I played during launch on PS4. Then I stopped after beating the game and got overwhelmed by the endgame requirements. Then later in December I found out they changed trophy requirements and made it harder???


Because of how seasons work, if I started playing today would I need a new character? Would it be feasible to continue my old character, or do people not play old characters when a new season rolls out? If not, should I start now or wait for new season since I'd be starting from scratch and would basically need a full season minimum?


What has changed exactly since it seems trophy descriptions are the same? Basically what do I need to know to plat the game for the current patch of the game?



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22 hours ago, naotsugulh said:

Because of how seasons work, if I started playing today would I need a new character?

Do your research and start fresh in a next season(late september). That would be my advice. Find yourself a simple build and go from there. But remember that everything is far more expensive on the consoles than on PC. So, if your build requires some expensive items to even start remotely functioning - find another. 

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Didn't get more 'harder' per say, just a lot more grinding to get the plat compared to launch.


Don't know what old character you ran, but it probably best start fresh on the next league due to all the updates, nerfs, buffs and who knows maybe your old character is not even viable anymore.


Some requirements for several trophies did change, but are not updated in the description. You can view the actual trophy requirement directly at Path of exile website and sign into with your character.


If you can find a group of 3-4 others dedicated at playing this regularly it will significantly cut down the grind due to how the game is setup where you can share maps and stuff. 

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On 8/24/2020 at 10:14 PM, naotsugulh said:

That's rather demotivating but I guess I'll do just that. Was hoping to be able to pickup from postgame but oh well. I'll start researching my builds and such.

I know how you feel. I remember starting the game and getting into it, beating the story and then looking for a nice simple guide on what else and HOW else to do the end game stuff (for trophies and love of the game), and omg it's so overwhelming. There is no simple guide. 


You asking "Basically what do I need to know to plat the game for the current patch of the game? " is such a loaded question with so many different answers and just so many answers in general. The Atlas map can be confusing as hell, and when I finally understood it and completed all the trophies related to it, I went back and re-watched and re-read some of the guides I looked at and they were all terrible. They never touched upon the little things.


Here's my advice.... do NOT start fresh at the end of September. Since you already have a basic understanding of the game, play it. Just play all the end game stuff as much as you can without spending much currency. SAVE YOUR CURRENCY and UNIQUE MAPS, while doing all you can do. Make mistakes, learn from those mistakes. You want to play it now (as opposed to the end of Sept.,  at the beginning of the new season) so that you can make all your mistakes now and not screw up your at the end of September. Learn the game now, so you're well prepared by the end of September.


Find other players with the rare unique maps and see if you can hop in with them to get those maps completed.

Use the community. Find forums. There are A LOT of players out there that are willing to help with the hard bosses and Hall of Grandmasters (if you don't know what that is, you will! lol) for free. They just do it out of the kindness of their hearts. I had a couple of people help me like that.


If you're willing to put in the time (which is easy if you like the game (which i personally do lol)), then play it. You'll learn so much through making mistakes. Just be sure to hang on to as much currency as you can until you have a better understanding of the end game stuff :) .


Btw, everything I wrote is related to Standard league. Saving your currency and then starting a new league, I believe, resets everything??? Idk, because I've ever only played in Standard, because of how confusing the game was to me lol.

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I'm actually thinking about playing this again. Stopped at Level 78 or so because I was playing Japan (didn't seem to have a true server) and my connection was shit. Now that I'm back on the US, would like to play through again to experience the story again with smoother experience and to relearn the game.

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