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Stunlock the Final Boss


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I stumbled upon this tactic by accident and I was able to stun lock the final boss so he never went into his second phase. I wasn't able to make a video but will try and describe. Hopefully, it can help others during their obsidian dark / no shell run and others can repeat it and I didn't just get lucky.



Note: I have purchase and installed the item that boosts your resolve gain. 


What I mean by "second phase" is when he jumps in the air, then goes in the water and creates the whirlpool which then heals himself. This occurs when he has about 30-40% of his health left. Afterwards he is back at over 50% health. He then continues normal attacks but spawn the shadows every now and then. Using this tactic, he never creates the whirlpool and you never get attacked by the shadows.


To stun him you must hit him with the hollowed swords special, the hollowed spear [ L1 ] + [ R1 ]. This makes him drop his head. Be careful as his head hitting the ground causes damage and will kill you if you have no shell. Ideally you want to be to his side so when he drops the head you don't get hit but you also don't have to roll away to avoid the head then roll back to attack him as you won't build up your resolve to x2 before he is back up. Hit him 4 times with light attack (may have been 5 I’m pretty sure it was 4) to get x2 resolve. The instant you have x2 resolve, use the special ability. Rinse and repeat.


In phase one, most likely he will jump back and away and start his water attack. Your special will miss in this case as it has a long animation and he has moved away. 


To stun lock him, you want to be doing the above as he starts his animation to dive into the water to create the whirlpool. What it will look like, you've used L1+R1, he has dropped down stunned. You follow up with 4 attacks to charge resolve to x2. His health is reduced to 30-40% during the last series of attacks you have triggered phase 2 and he jumps in the air to dive back into the water and create the whirlpool. You have fired your L1+R1 as soon as it is available. You are going through your special animation as he dives up and back down (directly on top of you). The stabbing part of your amination when you cause damage finishes when he is back at the water level which will hit him. He is back on the ground stunned, has not entered the water and hasn’t created the whirlpool. Attack instantly to build up your resolve and fire the special, he will jump back up and get hit by your special on the way down. Do this a few more times and he is done.


It will be difficult to know exactly when he will start his second phase so best do the above (special > stunned > hit 4 times > special) each time you have enough resolve built up as his health drops. You want to have done the damage to trigger the second phase animation (the vertical dive) when he is stunned on the ground.



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"Hey boss? Remember that time when mobs in a boss fight made the fight better?"


"Me neither. Anyway we just got done putting mobs in the final boss"

"... wait what?"



Also, who at this studio thought that a stun animation should also count as a hit? Seriously? Getting hit is one thing, having the bossquito's beak land on you, because you're absolutely serving him, is quite another.


Also a quick note on the reliability of this strat: the boss died before I could get it to work... 

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On 19/10/2020 at 11:57 AM, BlackTorito said:

It works perfectly as of now, thank you. I recorded a short video to demonstrate and linked to this topic:



Hi everyone! Is the video above done on the latest patch? I heard the stunlock strat on Unchained isn’t possible anymore, or is it? Doing my obsidian run at the moment, would love to know.

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I just beat the boss, my tip is to relax and take your time, and not to try to stunlock him, I’m pretty sure they patched it, or my game is bugged 


just R1 and dodge for like 15 minutes, and when he spawn minions, round them up and do the attack/hardered to kill them 



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