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Bolt Tips!


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I know @SlimSanta94 and @Floriiss are experts on the game and may be able to help. There's several others in the PSNP Discord who are very good at the game. If neither respond here, you may want to ask there.


I have the game on switch, but I haven't played as Bolt yet. I'm pretty trash at the game in general. Lol.

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3 hours ago, MohandGamer7 said:

Hey all! 

Does anyone have a tip on how to play with bolt without missing all these beats? Thing like custom songs and calibration adjustments... for PS4 cuz most stuff on the internet are for PC and I’m also using a controller (not a keyboard) 1f62d.png

Honestly being able to master the double tempo will just come with time. You have to be very disciplined and practice it daily to see the best results.


If you’re using a controller (which is what I also used), it’s extremely important to work on building your stamina first. Bolt/Coda are to put it bluntly, painful to play on a controller. Your thumb will get tired extremely quickly at first and if you push yourself too hard it will hurt you and this is the main reason it’ll feel like you miss a ton of beats with her to start off. 

The method I used to improve my stamina with the double tempo quickly was that I picked a song with a low BPM (something like 1-1) and just paced back and forth instead of playing, trying to keep the beat for as long as possible. Then I moved onto a faster song, then another and another until finally I would go into the Death Metal boss fight and pace back and forth there. I did this for around 1-3 hours a day until I could easily keep the beat and then 20 minutes before Coda attempts to warm up. The areas I used to do this was something like this:


1-1, 2-1, Lobby, 3-2, 3-3, 4-3, Death Metal


This is the quickest way I found to master bolt. Mastering the double tempo is something you’ll have to do if you want to tackle Coda at some point so I’d definitely recommend putting some time aside to focus on your stamina and consistency first before thinking about a clear. If you really struggle with the double tempo you can also reconfigure the controls and map the movement inputs to the opposite side of the controller. I personally didn’t do that but I have heard of others having good success with that control method. If you also have no intention of clearing Coda, it’s fairly easy to clear bolt by just skipping a lot of beats, letting the majority of enemies approach you and time your attacks well when they’re near you. Bolt is fairly easy this way since she has a good range advantage from the get go. Either way, Bolt is the first character that most people will play that will begin taking many hours to clear, so don’t be disheartened if a clear takes you a while. good luck!

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6 hours ago, MohandGamer7 said:

Hey all! 

Does anyone have a tip on how to play with bolt without missing all these beats? Thing like custom songs and calibration adjustments... for PS4 cuz most stuff on the internet are for PC and I’m also using a controller (not a keyboard) 1f62d.png

General Bolt tips:
-You start with a long weapon, so best to keep your distance with enemies, in case you missed a beat, you can still compensate since u r another tile away from the enemy. Always leave yourself room for a missed beat.

-for Soundtracks, I use DannyB for all the normal tempo characters and A_Rival for double tempo characters. (Chipzel is pretty good too)
It reminds me whether the character is double speed or normal, without having to look at anything.

-If you are not able to keep the coin multiplier up, focus on getting Titanium weapons and other items instead of Obsidian items (unless you have the Ballet Shoes)

-Some players learn the double speed by doing a rhythm like 12 12 12 12 instead of 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2, the game is merciful enough on accuracy for it to work(since you still have short time to compensate a lost beat)

Options menu tips for Bolt:
-Turn off the heart HUD so you can see exactly where the rhythm bars collide

-Lower the sound, turn up the music. the SFX is way too distracting. Some players even mute the sound to focus on the music (but sound can still be helpful at times such as trapdoors, boss sounds etc..)

-Disabling the Screen Chake may help(let's you focus more after hits)

-Disable the pre-boss music effect helps a lot in Aria, and may also help as well in Bolt (to avoid missed beats prior to entering the boss room)

-Make sure the video and audio calibration in the options are correct. Recalibrate/Play around with the calibration
Necrodancer latency calibration how-to (a MUST for bolt/coda)
https://youtu.be/gjO7gD2HrYU (by bigmacdontcare)

Things that helped me a lot in Bolt runs:
-Heal spell:
there is an exploit in this game that allows you to heal two times with the heal spell, one normally and one after standing on the exit tile: directly apply Heal spell( it won't cost health)

-There's a shopkeeper under an upgraded wall that sells food (Blue icon), learn to kil him and get all the stuff and upgraded health. (by going to his most right side, throw your spear at him, and directly move up to avoid shopkeeper's bomb) He drops the overeat extra health thing and u can pick up all of the 2 items he offers too(food, heart containers..) This way you will have more health, increasing your chances of survival in Bolt.
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1 hour ago, stealthlevel100 said:


F this game I cleared big 4 low% about 4 times and then died in ez characters1f602.png I think I will delete it and stick to PS5 games only


No dude. You will get Lowest after your break. Trust me ?

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You can start by turning down the sound or turning it off completely, as your character does talk and could possibly have you go off beat. Try your hardest to not miss a beat as it's difficult to get back on beat, this also means you shouldn't do the standing still strat with Bolt. You should have your latency around 100 to 140 for the music to sync well with your actions. Beware that faster songs have less off beat room, so you will need to be a bit accurate with your actions (Death Metal, Fortissimole, 4-3 The Wight to remain) although Bolt has a decent weapon it could get you killed as it's a two tile weapon.

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Similar to Aria play around with the latency calibration till it feels just right, It will take triple the amount of time to master the double speed unlike the normal speed. The developers were nice enough to give her a long range weapon at the start, use that to keep your distance away from these lightning speed monsters. The best soundtrack for double speed is A-rival, the music is louder than the other soundtracks, and it syncs well with the double speed songs. Everything plays out exactly the same as the normal speed but faster, so you still use the same strats from the normal speed. Sometimes your character talking may have you think that's a note in the song, and you try dancing to it then you end up dropping the beat, some people turn down the sound volume or turn off the sound completely.
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