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When are we getting a guide?


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The game is pretty straight forward and there isn't anything extremely missable except a few items which can be obtained again on NG+ in a couple of minutes. 

Play the game naturally first then on NG+ gather any items or lore that you may have missed. Use Eredrim shell and the hammer to make the game easy mode. 


Leave the obsidian no shell run for last and skip all the enemies you see by simply running past. Only fight the bosses. It's much easier than it seems. 


Also there is a guide on PowerPyx if you really need one. 



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On 29/09/2020 at 0:23 AM, LonesomeRoads said:

I have actually written a complete and comprehensive guide for the game, it was submitted a few days ago and is currently awaiting review with one of the guide mods and then it'll hopefully be published. 1f642.png

oh sick, can't wait to use it when i get the game in a month!

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