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How to immediately see trophies for the games?


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I dont know if I am missing something or just don't understand but it seems that they removed the feature.

On PS4 when you hold the PS button it opened a menu where you could select trophies and go through complete trophy list.


On PS5 you need to press once PS button, go to profile and then select trophies and then select game.


Is there any quicker or easier way? I didn't find it.


It is even harder if the game's trophy list is not out yet to check the trophies for it, because it simply doesnt appear.

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Just click the button when you get the trophy and it takes you straight there.

If you want to check any other time then, as on PS4 as far as I’m aware, uou need to go to the dash, then select trophies. Only differences are you can press triangle to get a couple of icons away, but you then have to click your profile then go down to trophies, which does take a little longer unfortunately.

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If you want it for a specific game you’re playing. Highlight the game in the PS5 UI dashboard, scroll down with the left stick, this will highlight play, now if you move over to the right it shows your trophy progress, click on it there and it will open up the games trophy list, not nearly as good as PS4 though.


Also for games like the Ezio collection, it just shows me the list for brotherhood from there, and not the other two.


The UI needs a lot of work. It’s trash.

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Totally agree, trophies are so much harder to find, I loved how on PS4 I could always look at trophy descriptiion, look at how much trophies left and other things with one press of button. 

I guess that they want everybody to go fast to PS5 because there are activites there that could say you what trophies you have left, but still...will every game have that? I highly doubt.

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17 minutes ago, dieselmanchild said:

Why do they always have to make everything worse? It sounds like one big step backwards from the PS4 UI, where you can pull up a game’s trophy list in 2 seconds by opening the PS button quick menu. Having to exit out to the dashboard is ridiculous.

Not gonna lie...I've only just found that out thanks to you....

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