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Golddigger Trophy Requirements

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This comes from the trophy guide:


Important Note: For just the platinum trophy and not the 100%, look under each location and you'll see a gold medal icon next to a number for example 2/2. If you have completed this requirement, the game will kind of grey it out that's why some locations look greyed out. Completing this minimum requirement will pop the platinum. For the 100%, you'll need to complete all of the events with gold medals/gold distinctions.


I am a little confused by this. All of my locations seem to list all races as required for gold instead of what the above statement seems to imply, that there may be 7 races for a location but only 2 or 3 might be required for the trophy for example. Am I missing something?

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As you progress through the game, more events will become unlocked as you unlock new tiers of events. The N/N values on the map will only count the number of events in each list that you currently have access to. So, a place with seven events but you only have three available to you and you've earned no golds yet will show 0/3 on the map. Earning a gold on all three will gray out the icon for that location on the map and list 3/3. Once new event(s) become available at that location, the count will change (ex: 3/4 or 3/5). 


I'm nearing the end of the base game content myself and haven't found the DLC events, so I'm thinking all events that show on the map at the start of the game (albeit unlocked) are part of the base game and you need a Gold/Distinction in each.

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Coming back to this again b/c last night I earned the Swift Justice trophy while simply completing all available Cop events. The only four trophies I didn't earn for the PS3 version were the four Silvers tied to earning Gold or Distinction on the DLC events, so I'm wondering now if Golddigger and its Cop equivalent now require (for the Remaster) that the player earn Gold/Distinction on even the DLC events as well.

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32 minutes ago, X-x-TheMayor-x-X said:

The wording of that guide is still confusing. It seems to suggest that at any point thought the career as long as you have n/n races done then the trophy would pop as opposed to waiting untill all races are available and then getting gold on all of them.

I haven't played the remastered version of Hot Pursuit, but I just recently went and replayed through the PS3 version and got the plat. If I remember right, you'll always be unlocking new races while playing through, whether you're getting gold on each one as soon as their available or not, so you'd never actually reach a point where "all races" were completed until you've actually unlocked every single race, even is most say "3/3" for the time being.

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thanks for the list. having the dlc to plat is pure shit. theres 2 or 3 races on the ps3 version i still cant get gold on till this day. i dont know why the f they merged those ridiculous races into the main game instead of leaving them where they were before. 

i keep playing "foot to the floor" its a 10 minute match and i cant catch up to 1-3 place. even if i ace the level hitting nothing the are always at least 10 to 30+ seconds in front of me. some of these 10 minute matches are like that. im going top speed driving perfect and a slower model car somewhow just manages to pass me up even though ive seen them crash they somehow respawn and drive past me. im really starting to get pissed at this game. im surprised this game has such a higher plat percentage. i remember on ps3 some of these extremely difficult matches the only reason i won was because the ai crashed towards the finish line giving me just enough time to pass them and win.

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On 7/1/2021 at 8:36 PM, hore said:

yes, the DLC is integrated into the main game, and yes, the guide has confusing wording. That excerpt makes no sense and doesn't really tell us anything.


I'm not certain whether the DLC events are required for plat, but i've made a list of them and will actively try to avoid them to see if the gold trophies still pop.



  Hide contents


Racer DLC events

  1. Wing and a Prayer (Race)
  2. Redline Racing (Race)
  3. Comeback Tour (Race)
  4. Foot to the Floor (Race)
  5. Fast Lane (Race)
  6. Sunset Racers (Race)
  7. Fast Track (Time Trial)
  8. Rocket Science (Time Trial)
  9. Awe Inspired (Time Trial)
  10. Hunted (Racer Hot Pursuit)
  11. One Step Ahead (Racer Hot Pursuit)
  12. Rouge Element (Racer Hot Pursuit)
  13. Resisting Arrest (Racer Hot Pursuit)
  14. Previous Conviction (Racer Hot Pursuit)
  15. Road to Ruin (Racer Hot Pursuit)
  16. Pushing the Envelope (Gauntlet)
  17. Cannonball (Gauntlet)
  18. Barnstormer (Gauntlet)


Cop DLC events

  1. Show of Force (SCPD Hot Pursuit)
  2. Lockdown (SCPD Hot Pursuit)
  3. Infernal Rampage (SCPD Hot Pursuit)
  4. Crimewave (SCPD Hot Pursuit)
  5. Turn It Up (SCPD Hot Pursuit)
  6. Rule of Law (SCPD Hot Pursuit)


  1. Any Means Necessary (Interceptor)
  2. Cut to the Chase (Interceptor)
  3. Out for the Count (Interceptor)
  4. Zero Tolerance (Interceptor)
  5. Marked Man (Interceptor)
  6. Arrest Warrant (Interceptor)
  7. Duty Calls (Rapid Response)
  8. Elements of Speed (Rapid Response)
  9. Past Master (Rapid Response)


Niiiceee. Thanks for the list.

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I just got the platinum. The main difficulty comes from the cop events and some of the racer events. It can range from doable events to difficult ones and ones that are plain shite and garbage on difficulty either from rubberband on the AI, me being stupid at curtain times, some demanding times (the rapid responses have penalties that make it harder then it should be) or just civilian vehicles being in the way at cheap moments. Other than that, it's a great game. 

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