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Tomb Raider Underworld’s DLCs could come to other platforms.


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So now that we know SE is doing something this year for the 25th anniversary, there’s also this tidbit of TR Underworld news. During a livestream Megan Marie who has been with the company for quite a long time now stated that they’re looking into bringing Underworld’s DLC which was exclusive to the 360 to other platforms. So... thing is, Underworld is stranded on old hardware. So if they would port one title, why not others? I’m thinking this also might bring in Legend, Anniversary and Underworld to next-gen consoles. And why stop there? TR, TRII, TRIII, etc. It’s a small little mention from her that might be a hint at something bigger but I’m starving to replay these classics. With trophies.


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32 minutes ago, Vern3r0z said:

Probably safe to say the ps3 wont be getting these DLCs?

Nope, especially now Sony have closed their PS3 games Q/A department so it's impossible to release any new games, patches or DLCs for it. The only way we will ever see those DLCs, is if someone decides to remaster Underworld and sort out the legal red tape that has prevented them from being release outside of an Xbox console.

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