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Is it possible to plat the game?

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I see no real way and timings on river 2 to do not take any damage. 
Played a lot of platforming games, there should be some math, maybe the one only hard way to pass this level. But there’s not... 

Do is mean glitched trophies and impossible platinum? Some glitches maybe?

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9 minutes ago, HuntingFever said:

You're thinking of the original knackered release - this ++ one is the remaster that came out last month. The Platinum is 100% obtainable, it's just extremely hard.

Actually I was going by the 2017 release date listed on the game page. But happy to stand corrected anyway! :)  

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So, we can confirm that the early people who completed this played on a pre-patched version of the game where it was much easier? Do we know if the more recent Platinum earners played even played on the up to date patched hard version? How is it fair for new players to deal with this unfair list now?
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