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Good moves to spam


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Other good options:

Paul: Forward + :triangle: + :square: , Deadfist and Phoenix Smasher (is unblockable) also work well in the mix

Jack (any): :cross: + :circle:  (I think, it's his flying move)

Kuma: Salmon Fishing (or something, it's an unblockable that looks like he is taking fish from a river to the side, like a bear usually hunt..)

Heihachi: back+ :square:

Jin: down+ :square:  (or down/back, can't remember for sure if it was still just down, or not, it's his invincible move in Tekken Revolution, if you have played it)

King: sidestep+ :cross: + :circle: (this is boomerang kick) , :circle: + :cross: (I think that's this, it's the move where he turns back and does back somersault to body smash)

Yoshimitsu: forward, forward+ :cross: + :circle: , :triangle: + :square:, :cross: + :circle:  (this isn't how it is actually done, but it's all that I remember, because of the way I program my controller... only the last move notation is wrong, so check in game).

Nina: Blond bomb: forward+ :square: + :triangle:

Ogre: Unblockable, can't remember the name...

Lee: down+ :circle: :circle: :circle: :circle:


All those can be abusable against the AI, and all should give times under 5 minutes (Kuma, Paul, Jack, Heihachi and Jin are capable of sub-3 minutes times)..


There are more, but those are the ones remember from my TTT and T3 days (I did play a lot of Time Attack back them.. so finding the optimal way to reduce time, was something I did a lot, and spamming was usually the best way... My record was with Kuma followed by Heihachi IIRC).

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Hey Pipe, it's been a while since I've done a Tekken (6 on the 360 was my last) but I'm with Han the way I always used to clear Time Attack was with Yoshimitsu. Use Forward, Forward, X+circle, square +triangle, X+Circle to do Shark Attack Blow, this will clear about 60%-75% health or (and this may be extreme but it is not as hard as it sounds or looks, couple of tries and you will get it down) his 10 hit combo:- S,T,S,OOO,S,S,S. once you have that pattern down, opening a match with it will leave them with 10% health if all hits connect :) sorry for huge post and hope you get it!

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