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Online gaming problems


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there seems to be a problem with the connection to EA-Servers when trying to play Monopoly online.


when i try to connect its saying that the servers arent available yet, try again later


after several searches i got some possible solutions, but nothing is helping :/


i tried:

- port forwarding

- several uPnP settings at my router

- connecting directly to the modem


there was one suggestion what really made sense - installing a current EA game to accept the current T&C of EA

so i tried it by installing FIFA 14 Demo


but still the same problem.  :/


i played some other EA games before (NFS) and never had connectivity issues ...


is there anybody who can help / is having another idea?

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ok, i finally can play online


since the FIFA14 demo isnt working

i tried a different game


i tried it with NFS Most Wanted (where i already got my plat)

after i started the game, the origin Terms and conditions came up and i accepted them


played a bit online and changed back to monopoly


and now online works ...


i hope this will help other players who struggle with playing monopoly online

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