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What is The Oldest Trophy in Your Collection?


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Not necessarily your first trophy, but a trophy that was added to the Playstation network a long time ago.


Dead Space is one of the first trophy lists you can find on the PSNProfiles website, with its trophies coming out back in 2008. It's very neat that such an old game has been played by so many people, and that people are still platinuming it this year.

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Not on PSN, but have some achievements which were unlocked around 2005/2006 on Xbox. Got a Xbox 360 for Christmas in 2005 and achievements were in from it's launch. Fifa 06: Road to the World Cup was the first 1000g I unlocked, not really caring for trophies/achievements much then.


It's kinda strange as I recently tried looking at Guitar Hero 3 a game I played loads when I was young, wondering how rare the platinum was on PSNP. However trophies weren't a thing at that point, so it wasn't in the database. I thought trophies were in from the start, until realising they were added in 2008 in response to the achievement system. 


On PSN however, the oldest trophy I unlocked have been something in like 2010/2011 or so on a old account. Either Fifa 11 or Gran Turismo 4, can't remember exactly. Never really got into PS at that time and ended up selling my PS3 and going back to Xbox. 

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