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Hitman 2 PS Plus download problem


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So I went to the PS Plus section to download Hitman 2, but when I clicked on add to library, it said that the game is not available. When I backed away and went got back, the add button disappeared and only the option to purchase the game for a price was available. 
I checked my library and I couldn't find it. I checked Ps store on my laptop and the option to download from library is there like I show in this pic, but when I click on it, it takes me to the library where I once again can't see the game. Restarting the console didn't help and login off did not help either.

Is anyone else experiencing similar mistake or encountered any issue like that? Because I am not sure about the problem. Funny enough, I was able to add the Predators Hunting Ground to the library without any issues and only experiencing this problem with Hitman 2. I do own Hitman 1 from previous PS plus, not sure if that has to do anything with this problem.

I appreciate any help here.


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