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ps4-ps5 version differences


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So i got the ps4 version of the game and now i am thinking about what version to play. i spend a lot of time at my girlfriends place and only have a ps4 there so with the ps4 verison i could play at her place but does the ps5 version maybe have some advantages? better graphics shorter/no load times or anything? or is it basically the same game?

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4K 60 FPS and no loading time is quite enjoyable?. 

My personal GOTY with RETURNAL (only default of returnal being too short and missing content.. 25h to complete and 35h to platinum.. when I'm already at around 45-50h of incredible fun with Hades.. but of course it's way easier for hades.. being in 2D and content being mostly text.. but geez what a marvelous game !! )

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